WelcomeWelcome to nAMLAB! We are a group of energetic young scientists aiming to implement nanotechnology to overcome key challenges facing humankind. In particular, we are exploring fundamental science and developing new techniques to address the performance, safety, and portability of future electronics.

Nanomaterials are key building blocks of future nanoscale electronics. We are highly interested in restructuring atoms to create novel nanomaterials with remarkable properties. Using bottom-up or bottom-down approaches, we can create a variety of nanomaterials with diverse electronic properties. At the same time, we are engineering their monodispersibility and scalability in order to make them behave similarly in devices.

We reach nanomaterials through macroscopic means. One way is to allow them assembling into larger objects that are more accessible to us.  We enhance the chemical and physical properties of macroscopic materials by engineering the assembled networks and optimizing the interfaces. Nano-additive manufacturing approaches are strongly valued, and these methods have precise control over the final structures. Following Nature's design rules, we are able to create wonderful artificial materials.

We are pushing the boundaries of nanoscale devices. We are actively contributing to the future with imperceptible devices of accurate sensors, fast processors, and reliable energy creators to allow humans effortlessly interact with the world. We are interested in novel manufacturing ways that are more compatible with the processing of nanomaterials to create high-performance devices. These technologies might fuse with the current silicon based information technologies or stand as their own. Our ultimate goal is to scale up the production of various nanoscale devices, and integrate them into functional systems.

nAMLAB encourages creative young minds to join the team, and is eager to collaborate with colleagues around the globe to solve problems together. In nAMLAB, we value integrity, creativity, and tenacity, and appreciate a working environment filled with science, art and love. We welcome anyone interested in nanotechnology to reach us and check available positions.

Thank you!

Principal Investigator of nAMLAB
  Dr. Jian Zhu


AFM 2021

"We report an economical suspended nanofiber lithography technique with short-channel processing capability, and compatibility with modern semiconductor foundries."


AM 2021

"We report that layer-by-layer assembly is exploited to build 15-nm-thick elastomeric nanodielectrics through alternative adsorption of oppositely charged polyurethanes (PUs) for soft and hysteresis-free FETs."


ACS Catalysis 2021

"We report a type of structurally stable quasi-2D bimetallic FeNi-MOF nanoarrays with self-optimized electrocatalytic activities in the oxygen production."


Small 2020

"We develop electronic inks comprising silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) for the high-resolution printing of stretchable conductor"


Nano Research 2020

"We present layer-by-layer assembly as an effective approach to obtaining scalable semiconducting films of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) for flexible field-effect transistors ."


Advanced Materials 2017

"A comprehesive review about solution-based nanomaterial assembly techniques for field-effect transistor devices in three material categories: semiconductors, conductors, and dielectrics."